Pabco Services LLC - Home Inspections - Pest Inspections - Property Preservation
Pricing Schedule
Real Estate Services
Home Inspections - $400 For all homes up to 3500 sqft. Pricing includes a garage and a complimentary termite inspection.
Pest/Termite Inspection - $50 Includes full report on an FHA/VA approved form.         

Pest Control Services***
Rodent Control- $225 Initial Services. This includes all bait stations and setting them, both interior and exterior. $55 Per Each Baiting Refill
Roach Control- $250 Initial Services, $65 Per Each Follow Up Service for most homes
General Pest Control- $100 Initial Services, $55 Per Each Follow Up Service for most homes
For our General Pest Control Services, we offer multi-neighbor discounts!

Property Preservation Services***
Re-keying Services- $125 For first two doors, knob and dead bolt.                                             $20 per additional door.
Residential Winterization - $175 For homes with one kitchen and up to 21/2 baths. Additional kitchens are $50 each and each additional bathroom is $75. 
Residential De-winterization- $125 for house with city water or a 4-5 inch well. Additional $75 fee if the well pump needs to be primed. 
Interior/Exterior Debris Removal - $40 per cubic yard
Keybox Installation- $25
Sales Clean - $300

***Due to the nature of our work, it is difficult to provide blanket pricing as each job is specific in nature. This pricing is intended to be a guideline. Please Contact Us and explain your situation in detail, we can provide over-the-phone estimates or will always come on-site to give you a thorough evaluation and a quote tailored specifically to address your needs.